About Us

Team GoaLine

Dedicated to excellence. Dedicated to your smile.

Team GoaLine comprises an expert doctor and skilled staff with years of experience in the dental and orthodontic industry. We do more than just straighten teeth – we care about you, your needs, and your smile goals. We build lasting relationships with you and your family throughout the process while creating lasting smiles. We are pleased to welcome you and your family and look forward to teaming up with you.

Meet Dr. Laurie Parks

One of the things Dr. Parks enjoys most as an orthodontist is listening to her patients and giving them the smile of their dreams. It’s also her goal to create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere so she can provide the best treatment experience for all of her patients in the Friso, Little Elm, and surrounding communities.

To Dr. Parks, orthodontic treatment is about improving a patient’s oral (and overall) health, boosting their self-esteem, and creating a smile that they love. With each visit, she shares the excitement with her patient’s as they watch their smiles transform. It’s a beautiful time in each patient’s life as they see their smile evolve and start feeling more confident and comfortable.

Winning Team

This guy does it all. You name it, he can fix it. You need help, Brandon is first in line. He’s also an MVP at home, where he and his wife Carly have two adorable daughters.
Manager + All-Around Great Guy
Whether we’re calling her Linda, Linja, Linla, or Mom, she’s the one we go to when we need something done perfectly and efficiently. She may or may not be a ninja when it comes to organizing. She is the GOAT at home, where she has two daughters - Jasmine and Emily - with her husband Mauricio.
Lead Assistant + Queen Organizer
This girl is something else. She can schedule your appointment, file your insurance and do your makeup all at once. She gets her winning beauty from her mom Linda, who rides with her to work every day!
Receptionist + Compulsive Multitasker
Michael is the MVP of anything technical or artistic that we need at GoaLine. Not only is he smart, he’s also pretty sweet. Dr. Parks (his aunt) always says he looks like a troublemaker, but he’s alright.
Technical/Digital Coordinator + Our Left-Hand Man

We can’t wait to meet you!

Are you still looking for an all-star orthodontic team to look after you and your family in Frisco and Little Elm? You’re on the right page! Contact us today, and Team GoaLine will be happy to help bring your smile to life.