Dental Braces For Teens

teenage girl with braces

Do I Need to Look into Dental Braces for my Teen?

Orthodontics is a wonderful investment for teens that can help fix a variety of concerns, including:

● Underbite, overbite, open bite or cross bite
● Prolonged baby teeth
● Teeth with wide spacing
● Teeth that haven’t erupted
● Speech impediments, issues with chewing or biting
● Jaw displacement

When you visit GoaLine Orthodontics with your teen, we will take panoramic and profile X-Rays, so Dr. Parks can see exactly what she needs to do to achieve a perfect winning smile! The orthodontic treatment options that are available to your teenager will be discussed, including -but not limited to – braces, expanders, and clear aligners. When you begin treatment with us, we
will take photo records, and a full 3D scan of your teen’s teeth, using our state of the art 3D scanner!


What Types of Dental Braces Can I Choose For My Teen?

GoaLine Orthodontics offers a variety of options for your teen, including:

● State of the Art Digital Indirect Bonding for Braces: Using a 3D scan and a set of orthodontic brackets, we can build a plastic model of your teen’s teeth and place the brackets onto this model, using technology to place them exactly where they need to be to make your teen’s orthodontic treatment as efficient as possible. We then use a 3D printed transfer tray to bond all of the brackets to your teen’s teeth, making the initial binding visit much faster and more comfortable.

● Traditional metal braces: Traditional metal braces are silver colored and usually made of stainless steel. They are the most common form of orthodontic braces and patients usually opt to have the colored rings changed at each visit.

● Clear braces: Clear braces are composed of a translucent, ceramic material, perfect for discretion and subtlety for a teen who may be uncomfortable with the aesthetic of traditional metal braces.

Brius lingual braces: Brius braces are bonded behind your teeth. These lingual braces are ideal for patients who don’t want visible or removable appliances.

Iconix Gold braces: Iconix braces are a champagne-colored metal that is lighter than traditional silver brackets. These are wonderful for teens who want more stylish, bright brackets while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

If YOU believe your teen would benefit from orthodontic treatment, there’s a wide variety of options we can use to achieve your teen’s smile goals.

Contact us today at our Frisco TX office to schedule a free consultation to discover which type of orthodontic treatment is the best option
for you and your teen. GoaLine Orthodontics can be reached at and (972) 712-2700.