You Deserve to have a Wonderful Smile

Is the idea of wearing braces keeping you from orthodontic care? For a lot of people, braces can feel like too much work. Insignia uses boundary-breaking technology to give you the perfect smile you want with fewer office visits and with a more laid-out step-by-step than traditional bonding. Insignia has completely revolutionized the way braces are set up and placed!

Insignia is an interactive software system that allows your doctor to create your smile specifically for you. Insignia software uses virtual 3D imaging to generate a model of your mouth. Using the digital model, your doctor is able to analyze the most effective and efficient way to help you achieve a perfect smile.

Accurate, Predictable Results

After your doctor has set up your treatment plan, your customized archwires will pull your teeth smoothly into their proper positions, cutting down your treatment time and bringing you the beautiful smile of your dreams.

What is beneficial about using Insignia for your treatment?

There are many different upsides to using Insignia for your treatment. The reasons Insignia gives the highest quality orthodontic treatment include:
  • 100% customized treatment plans with less time in braces
  • Exact bracket positioning and mapped-out treatment results
  • Personalized archwires for faster orthodontic movement
  • Fewer appointments needed

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment with Insignia for yourself or a family member, please contact our practice and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about braces and the Insignia orthodontic system.