Orthodontics for Children

Dr. Laurie Parks and our team recommend that children be brought to our Frisco orthodontic office at the age of seven when the top permanent teeth are erupting, or beforehand if you and your dentist have specific concerns about your child’s teeth, mouth, oral habits, or development.

Why so young? Some children need orthodontic treatment to guide the growth of the jaws and the teeth, especially if the upper and lower jaws are not aligned properly. There are several orthopedic appliances that can be used to help align them while a child is growing. Another indication for early treatment is the crowding or impaction of permanent teeth that can’t be seen without an X-ray. These teeth are forming in the bone and sometimes need space to come in properly. Orthodontics with Phase One treatment at a young age can create space and prevent issues before they happen.

Two-Phase Treatment

The purpose of two-phase treatment is to maximize the opportunity to accomplish the ideal healthy, functional, and aesthetic result that will remain stable throughout your child’s life.

Phase One treatment is the treatment that is initiated before all of the permanent teeth erupt. The goal of Phase One treatment is to address any jaw alignment issues and/or crowding issues and guide the eruption of the permanent teeth.

Phase Two treatment is the treatment that is started when all or most of the permanent teeth have erupted, usually during the early teenage years. As long as the patient is compliant with retainers after Phase Two, additional phases of treatment are not necessary.

Treatment for Children at GoaLine Orthodontics

Dr. Parks and our team only initiate orthodontic treatment on children if necessary. In many cases, children will not need early treatment and will be monitored for several years before a traditional phase of braces or aligners is required. We take pride in treating our patients like we would ourselves or our own children—with the right treatment at the right time—no more and no less.

If you think your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment, Team GoaLine would be happy to help! Dr. Parks will give you a complimentary honest evaluation. GoaLine Orthodontics can be reached at info@goalineortho.com or (972) 712-2700.