OrthoSelect Indirect Bonding

Indirect bonding is a method of applying brackets for braces to the teeth in such a manner that an entire set of braces can be applied, including expanders, in less than an hour. Traditionally, braces are placed on each individual tooth, one at a time. The procedure required meticulous, long, painstaking sessions for both patient and doctor, to ensure each bracket was in the correct position, especially in the back of the mouth.

What Is DIBS (Digital Indirect Bonding System) AI?

The patent-pending DIBS AI indirect bonding software largely automates orthodontic patient case setups, provides predictive outcomes for treatment plans, and uses the latest in 3D print technology to create extremely accurate IDB bracket transfer appliances for precise digital indirect bonding for bracket placement.

These advancements free up precious doctor resources by shortening the time required for bonding appointments by a third or more, as well as reducing overall treatment time by significantly decreasing the number of appointments needed for wire bending and bracket repositioning.


The Digital Indirect Bonding Process

The process for digital indirect bonding begins with a simple intraoral scan of your patient’s mouth. This scan is uploaded into OrthoSelect’s DIBS AI software where you approve the case. Then, the design is sent to an in-office 3D printer or to our indirect bonding lab where it is processed within 48 hours. Once the case is printed, the brackets are loaded and the patient immediately gets indirect bonding braces in a shortened appointment time.

Check out our quick video demonstrating how easy the process is for the patient!



Mix and match any bracket systems you choose and DIBS AI not only speeds up the bonding process, but also improves overall treatment for better outcomes in a shorter amount of time.


With the newest DIBS AI algorithms, the process is more automated than ever before and can be run completely in-house for same-day bonding or sent to OrthoSelect for rapid turnaround in 24 hours.

If you would like to know more about this game-changing technology, Team GoaLine would be happy to help! GoaLine Orthodontics can be reached at info@goalineortho.com or (972) 712-2700.